Sticky Filters

I like this. File it under ‘simple idea, valuable product.’ So for years, the way you gelled your strobes—particularly your handheld and hot-shoe mounted Speedlights—was to cut a piece of a big gel and tape or Velcro it to the flash head. But this is a great product that eliminates the need to do it yourself—and it makes it work much better with increased functionality. There’s only one problem: this sticky filters set works out to ten bucks for a little square of gel, and that’s pretty steep. I especially like that the chart tells you this particular gel will make your flash look like this type of light. That makes it really simple to balance your flash with other sources. I wholeheartedly approve. But did I mention how they’re so darn expensive? Check out the review at SLR Lounge and decide for yourself if it’s worth it.

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