Stanley Kubrick, Photojournalist

I don’t often like to tip my hand when it shows just how little I actually know, but in this case I’ll make an exception. Maybe you’ll also be equally surprised by what I just learned: iconic filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, director of such classics as 2001 and The Shining, was once a working photojournalist. And he was a good one, too. That should be no surprise to any fan of the master’s beautiful cinematography, but it’s neat to look at these great old photographs and search for inklings of what was to come in the future. The wonderful blog How To Be A Retronaut just introduced me to this great collection via a great post full of Kubrick’s late 1940s photography, and the Chicago Tribune has another gallery of classic images from the director’s days as a magazine photographer on assignment for Look.,0,5085476.photogallery

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