Stadium Skydiving POV Video

In honor of this weekend’s impending "big game" here’s a video that’s tangentially related to football. It’s a point of view video shot by a sky diver as he jumps out of a perfectly good airplane and plummets, albeit slowly for much of the time, smack dab into the middle of a packed Mile High Stadium. Shot before the AFC Championship Game—the game the Denver Broncos won to make it into the Superbowl—the video shows members of the Broncos’ official skydiving team, the Thunderstorm, from the time the tension was building inside the plane to the moment they dropped into freefall and, ultimately, to their textbook landings right onto Sports Authority Field. As much as I love videos of animals stealing cameras, this just might be the best use of a GoPro video camera I’ve ever seen. What a thrilling six minutes it is.

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