Spend a day with Jay

Jay Maisel is a “walking photographic legend.” We’d all do well to be taught by Jay. Even just to spend a day with him, walking the streets of New York while he shares his advice and photographic guidance, would likely lead to some level of photographic enlightenment. Well now we can all do that vicariously online thanks to Scott Kelby. The Photoshop blogging guru spent a day with Jay shooting the streets of New York, and Scott’s team shot the whole thing on video for a documentary-style photo class, now showing at the Photoshop Insider Blog. Check it out and see what you learn. If nothing else, you’re bound to appreciate this glimpse inside the working world of a master like Maisel. You can watch the intro for free, but the entire class costs 25 bucks a month for access to all of Kelby’s training videos.


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