Speed Up Lightroom

I’m a Lightroom user. Practically every photograph I take is imported via Lightroom into my computer, and I also count on the program to organize, edit and archive my image files. Because of my reliance on the software, I’m expressly interested in various ways to make it run faster. Speeding up the workflow is especially useful when importing hundreds or thousands of image files, and I do that fairly regularly too. I know I’m not alone, so I’m confident there are plenty of you chomping at the bit for me to get to the point. A recent DPS article offers ten tips to improve the speed and performance of Lightroom. Lest you worry that one of the tips is something akin to "buy a faster computer" each of them is built around software enhancements—none require the acquisition of additional hardware. I’ve already made some of these changes, and I’m going to make the others right away.


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