Smartphone Photo Tools

I love my smartphone, and I’m surprised by just how much I’ve integrated it into my daily life. But aside from snapshots, I don’t use it terribly often for photography related applications. Well maybe I’d love my camera, I mean smartphone, even more if I utilized more photographic tools. I’m still a relative smartphone newbie, so I’m always keen to find helpful information about what apps might actually make my photography even better. So it was with great excitement that I stumbled upon this list of the best Android and iOS apps from DP Review. More than just neat little gimmicks that help make your pictures quirky and funky, these are apps that can really help photographers make better pictures. They’re not apps at all; they’re tools. From scouting aids like The Photographer’s Ephemeris and iScoutLocation, to apps that help with model releases and portfolio display. If you’re looking to get more out of your smartphone or tablet device, start here first for a great overview of the best photo apps on the market.

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