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Smartphone Model Releases

Here’s another indicator that I’m completely behind the times. It’s the model release via smartphone phenomenon, and I’m ready to jump on board. First, a bit about model releases: you need them. I recently spoke to a photographer who’s able to turn his entire archive into a money-making stock image library specifically because he’s been getting model releases for people shots since the 1980s. I, on the other hand, struggle to get model releases even when I know it’s in my best interests. With the advent of a handful of smartphone model release apps, now I’ve got no excuse. In most cases, it seems that the subject is able to sign right on the smartphone screen just by using their finger in lieu of a pen. Pretty cool. The real question is which app to choose. There’s iD-release, which is free and allows you to create and store releases on your iPhone. There’s Easy Release, which seems to do the same sort of thing, sans freeness, for both iPhone and Android operating systems. Then there’s mRelease, which offers a variety of releases (including talent, property and location releases) for the iPhone OS. Are there any others? Do you utilize one of them? I’d love to know which way you think I should go.

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