Silent Shooting

I was recently shooting an assignment in which I was frequently changing camera settings. Without realizing it, suddenly my Canon EOS 5D Mark III was in silent mode, making the quietest little "snick" sound with every release of the shutter. Gone was the loud "kachunk" of the normal single shot mode. That mirror slap noise is almost completely eliminated in the camera’s silent shooting mode—signified by a small S next to the frame rate in the LCD on top of the camera. You’ll notice by this image that it’s also capable of shooting at a rate of 3 frames per second while in silent mode, which is immensely helpful. What I found especially great about it is even though I wasn’t shooting in a situation in which a quiet shutter release was mandatory (on the set of a film, for instance, or in a quiet theater) the quieter click of my camera—significantly, dramatically, hugely quieter, I should mention—was actually helpful in making my shooting just a little more stealth in situations where you’d think the normal "kachunk" wouldn’t matter. The point of all this is simply if you happen to be a 5D3 shooter, or if your camera has its own quiet shooting mode, my suggestion is that you give it a shot no matter how you shoot. You may find it useful in a variety of situations. Here’s a link to a YouTube clip that show’s Canon’s Chuck Westfall demonstrating the camera’s sound in normal shooting as well as silent mode. 

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