“Shoot This Photo” With broncolor

© by Jessica Keller / broncolor

broncolor offers a free interactive tutorial on its website, with tips and techniques for lighting images, from portraits to sports to products and more. Simply click on the photo and a step-by-step guide is displayed. The photographers share their tips on how the image was captured, including the broncolor lighting gear used, with illustrations.

To create this captivating portrait, the photographer used the Siros 800S monolight and Para 133 reflector, with the Para placed off to the subject’s right side and the focusing tube in the middle position. These light-shaping tools allowed for the capture of soft and hard light simultaneously, with fast flash durations for freezing the movement of the subject’s hair.

The portrait was shot with a medium-format camera at a 58mm focal length. Exposure was 1/125 sec., with an aperture of ƒ/16.

“Shoot This Photo” features nearly 100 images from which to choose, and it’s an informative lighting resource for amateur and pro photographers alike.

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