Shoot tethered… wirelessly.

Sometimes it’s nice to shoot with your camera tethered to a computer. I do it on occasion when working in the studio, because you can check exposure and sharpness details precisely, control the camera via the computer, and ultimately save significant downloading time and get to editing much faster when the shoot is through. But there are also drawbacks, and the biggest problem most photographers have with shooting tethered is… the tether. Even if you’re shooting in a studio, that cable connecting camera to computer can feel a lot like an anchor chain. It’s hard to be mobile when shooting tethered. That’s why the ingenious photographers/handymen at have come up with a way to shoot tethered, wirelessly. It’s so simple it’s genius. Utilizing wifi transmission and a wireless USB setup you can convince your camera that it’s plugged directly into the computer, but without that pesky cable. So why not just use a wireless CF card like the eyeFi system? Because one of the key features of shooting tethered is the two-way communication—the ability to control the camera and change settings from the computer. That means that if you have the camera placed remotely where you can’t easily access it, tethered control is a huge advantage. Make that tether wireless, and it’s a phenomenal feature. Learn how to do it yourself at

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