Shoot Film, Slow Down, Get Better

Here’s an interesting concept from John Watson’s "Prolly is not Probably" blog. He recently wrote about how shooting film made him a better photographer. After reading his post, I couldn’t agree more. But I want to point out something significant: it’s not really about equipment. It’s about approach, and it can be carried over into shooting with digital cameras too. Mr. Watson used film as a catalyst to change the way he approaches making a photograph. With film, he says, first he had to meter, then focus, and consider whether what he was focused on was really worthy of using one of those precious few frames on… Only then, finally, does he press the shutter. Film forced him to slow down and become a more deliberate photographer, and that is a surefire recipe for success. As Mr. Watson says, "It’s not the equipment, it’s the eye." We can all use a more refined and deliberate eye. Maybe working with a film camera as a change of pace can help to strengthen that muscle? Or maybe we just need to think more like film photographers? Read all about his experience and see more of his work at 
Photo by John Watson

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