See How Flash Media Cards Are Made

You know that show on the Discovery Channel called "How It’s Made?" No? How about "Modern Marvels?" Still nothing, huh? Guess you’re not as big a geek as I am. If you were, you’d know that these shows simply take viewers behind the scenes in the making of… well, just about anything. From breakfast cereals to hockey sticks, high-tech to low, there’s clearly a mass appeal (albeit limited to us geeks) in seeing behind the scenes of how stuff is made. Well your friends at memory-maker Lexar have created their own little behind the scenes video, and Scott Kelby put it up on his web site not long ago. It offers a really neat glimpse into how these things are made. Very high-tech, very cool, and very precise. Frankly, after watching the video, it’s amazing these little things actually do so much—and that they don’t cost thousands of dollars each.

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