Rubber Band Update

A few months back I wrote about using a rubber band to remove a stuck filter, but never before did I have the opportunity to try it myself. But that just changed. Shooting an architectural image last week, I strapped on a polarizer to darken the blue sky and remove reflections from windows in the building. All the while improving the color and contrast in the image. (A polarizer works absolutely wonderfully for this, by the way.) Anyway, when I was done I needed to remove the filter from my lens for storage when, whammo, it was stuck. Really stuck. I couldn’t budge it at all. So I remembered this rubber band tip—which is to put the rubber band around the filter ring in order to provide more traction when removing the stuck filter—and I put it to use. Voila. With hardly any force at all, I mean the tiniest little oomph, the polarizer unscrewed immediately. It really was a Eureka moment. So the next time you’re faced with a stuck filter—especially if it’s a rotating circular polarizer—pull out a rubber band and put it to use.

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