Rock 'n Roll Photographer Robert Altman

Are you a rolling stone, or were you at one time? Was your father? Did you maybe read the magazine in its early years of the 70s? Have you heard of the Rolling Stones at least? If any of these qualifiers apply to you, you may have been fortunate enough to see the work of rock ‘n roll photographer Robert Altman. No, he’s not the same guy as the brilliant movie director with whom he shares a name, but his work is equally exceptional. The photographer was present at many formative moments during the early years of rock, including the Rolling Stones infamous tragic performance at Altamont. Here the Selvedge Yard blog has collected a wonderful group of photographs, along with a bit of interesting information about this pioneering photographer through whose lens America watched the rock scene of the 60s unfold.
Photo by Robert Altman

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