Retouching Portraits In Lightroom

I’ve been a daily user of Lightroom for a few years now, and yet still I discover new things to like about the program on a fairly regular basis. This piece from Post Production Pye at the DPS blog is a great example of a powerful way to use Lightroom that I simply had never really delved deep enough to seriously consider. When it comes to portrait retouching, I apply a few single-click preset edits to my images in Lightroom, and then send the image to Photoshop for the serious retouching work. Well, there’s an in-between step that I think I should start incorporating—and that’s to use Lightroom’s adjustment brush and some custom presets to make beautiful local edits that really can improve skin in some powerful ways. With local control of softness, desaturating redness, even basic minimization of wrinkles and lines, this intermediate retouching step could really make Lightroom a more useful retouching tool. No, it probably won’t replace Photoshop for the heavy lifting, but it’s a great way to get more out of this already useful program.

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