Replichrome For Lightroom Recreates The Elusive “Film Look”

I recently downloaded a Lightroom plugin called Replichrome to test out its capabilities for replicating the look of many popular films. I wasn’t especially optimistic, because every time I’ve gotten my hopes up about a set of plugins that offered some processing recipe that promised to mimic the look of film… Well, I’m pretty much guaranteed a letdown. But I’m happy to report that this time I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Replichrome, a product of Totally Rad! Software, really does perform as advertised, reproducing the look of many popular films in color and black and white. Most impressive is the fact that the software manages to recreate some of the most subtle distinctions between particular film and chemistry combinations. That’s always been my biggest complaint: most plugins are heavy handed and don’t live up to my expectations primarily because they lack subtle control and instead are simply heavy-handed special effects that I find particularly tricky to employ in my photographs. Replichrome, though, provides the fine control I need. I’ve been turning to it with increasing regularity, not so much because it mimics a particular film, but rather because it creates attractive combinations of color and contrast that really work for me. Learn more at

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