Reflectors In Lieu Of Softboxes

Everybody loves big softboxes. But unfortunately, not everybody has the budget to invest in them. Building on a principle that I regularly teach to photo students, this post at DIY Photography uses large white reflectors and white painted walls as stand-ins for those big, expensive softboxes. If you understand that once a light is modified—by bouncing off a reflector or filter through diffusion—the new source of that light, as far as the subject is concerned, is the modifier rather than the light bulb itself. Meaning, bounce your speedlight off a white wall and the large white wall effectively becomes the source. This is a powerful, easy-to-understand and fundamental lighting principle. It’s also why so many of the same sources (like the sun, or speedlights) look so dramatically different when filtered through different modifiers—because in practice, the modifier "becomes" the source. Check it out, and watch the video, at

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