RAW Capture Comes To Smartphones

I’m one step closer to my dream: a camera with a phone built in. Yes, I know there are plenty of phones with cameras built in, but that’s different than what I want. What I want is a camera with the ability to make calls, receive texts, check my email and so on. Like, literally a point and shoot (or heck, why not a DSLR?) with the app-based OS that allows me to text and make phone calls and generally do all the things my smartphone does. Well, I might be one step closer now as Google has announced more serious photographic tools in smartphone cameras. We can expect the next generation of Google’s camera apps within Android devices to be capable of capturing RAW image files. Joining it are faster burst shooting as well as more exposure controls, ISO sensitivity and exposure compensation as well. The new operating system, currently called Android L, will be more user-friendly for photographers. Now if they could just pack all that smartphone usability into the back of an "actual" camera, my dream would be complete.


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