Publish Your Photography Book

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to publish a photography book. So I was eager to get my hands on the newly revised and updated "Publish Your Photography Book" from Princeton Architectural Press, which is released this week. Authors Darius Himes and Mary Virginia Swanson are well versed in the publishing and marketing of photography books in particular, and this book is filled with best practices from starting the process of submitting your work and signing a publishing contract, through the process of making and ultimately marketing your book. Especially informative are the case studies and real-world testimonials from other photography book authors and publishers, as well as the lists of resources at the back of the book. Whether you’re interested in self-publishing, using print-on-demand services, or going the traditional route of working with a trade publisher, this book is a must-read for any photographer who is serious about publishing a book. Read more at the Princeton Architectural Press web site, and find the book online at Amazon as well as at your local bookseller.

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