Professional Photographers Shouldn’t Give It Away

Working photographers, and those who aspire to charge for their work, would do well to consider subjects like the one brought up by David Hobby recently on his Strobist blog. Hobby wrote about how to appropriately charge for work—or, at least, how not to be taken for a fool and give it away for free. It all started when a large company with a big bankroll sent Hobby a formal request to reproduce one of his images—and of course the company offered no compensation, hoping to entice the photographer with the lure of a simple credit. It’s not unusual for photographers to be asked to donate their services free of charge. What is slightly unusual is the way Hobby responded with a bit of an entertaining rant. It’s a fun read, and a useful reminder for photographers old and new that it’s not usually good for business to give away one’s work without receiving something of commensurate value in exchange.

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