Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera

There’s a web site called DigitalRev that is designed to be a social network for photographers. One of its best features is a web video series called DigitalRev TV in which host Kai Wong covers everything from new cameras to techniques for photography and post production. But the thing they do that’s most unique, in my opinion, is the “Pro Photographer Cheap Camera Challenge.” Just as the name suggests, it involves recruiting a professional photographer (usually someone who’s fairly well known) and challenging them to spend a day shooting with a really cheap camera—like the child’s toy Buzz Lightyear 2-megapixel camera handed to David Hobby, better known as the Strobist, for his day in Hong Kong. It’s certainly fun to watch the photographers navigate their assignments with these all-but-disposable cameras, but the real fun comes at the end of the episode, in which it’s revealed exactly what these talented shooters are able to accomplish with equipment the rest of us would likely never consider capable of “serious” image making. It’s awesome fun to be had at the DigitalRev TV YouTube channel starting with Mr. Hobby’s episode, linked below.

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