Prime Lenses Primer

I’ve been a fan of prime lenses ever since I purchased my first SLR, which came standard with a fast 50mm prime lens. Next came a 24, and a 35, then an 85, a 100, and even a wide angle 20. My love affair with primes has lasted a long time. Prime lenses, for those who may not know, have a fixed focal length–unlike zooms, which can cover a range of focal lengths in a single lens. Zooms are very practical, for sure, but still I love prime lenses for their simplicity. Plus I think prime lenses make me a more active photographer. They make me work harder to solve the visual challenges presented through my viewfinder. It’s too easy to get lazy with a zoom lens and simply adjust the focal length to "make everything fit." But with a prime, you’ve got to use your eyes, your feet, and your brain to make the best composition possible. Anyway, the point is, I’ve long advocated for using prime lenses to make yourself a better photographer. And here today I just happened to find this article from Light Stalking about how photographers can use prime lenses to improve their skills. So of course I’m thrilled to see someone else who shares my positive opinion of primes, and I had to share it with you. So if you’re interested in learning more about why I love primes, as well as flexing your creative muscles a little bit, check out this article and try out a prime lens.

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