Preserving RAW options in Photoshop

The ASMP’s Strictly Business blog is a phenomenal resource for photographers who are trying to make a buck. It’s a place where established commercial shooters frequently discuss topics related to the business of photography—copyright issues, usage licensing, pricing, etc. It’s especially helpful for young photographers who are trying to figure out how to navigate the business stuff—which may not be much fun, but it’s crucial for survival if you’re hoping to make a living with a camera. All that said, the blog can also be a great resource for practical photo tips that apply even if you’re not interested in the business of photography. Judy Herrmann recently wrote about a Photoshop feature that allows photographers to carry their RAW image file functionality into Photoshop when working with layers—Smart Objects. Working with Smart Objects allows you to directly reference RAW data, meaning images can be resized and scaled without loss of quality, and even reprocess the RAW file and update it directly in the layered Photoshop file. It’s a simple but really useful feature, definitely worth checking out if you shoot RAW.


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