PocketWizards For Everyone!

Whereas my experience with PocketWizard radio transmitters, receivers and transceivers has always been outstanding (courtesy of the company’s Plus and Plus II models), any time I’ve had the occasion to use a considerably more affordable off-brand of radio transmitter, I’ve tended to find myself disappointed. Delicate construction, confusing controls and simple unreliability have cursed me on the few occasions that I’ve dabbled with el cheapo wireless radios for triggering flashes. That said, the biggest problem I’ve always had with my PocketWizards is simply their price. A few hundred bones for a transceiver makes it tricky to always be sure you’ve got a backup or two (or ten). But not any more. Pocketwizard’s new $99 Plux X remote is the wireless transmitter that I’m willing to bet fits the bill for 99% of photographers. David Hobby agrees with me. Read all about it at his Strobist blog, and start saving your nickels—it won’t take too many of them to afford this remote.


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