Pirelli's Humanitarian Calendar

In a past life I worked briefly (and just barely) in the motorcycle world, and I once got to witness the knee-buckling beauty of the Pirelli pinup calendar in person. This year, though, Pirelli has done something a bit different with its annual calendar. While it still features beautiful women in exotic locations, they are all fully clothed—and one of them is even pregnant. This year’s photographer is not a traditional fashion or beauty photographer, either. The 2013 calendar was photographed by renowned Magnum photojournalist Steve McCurry, who spent two weeks photographing the models—each of whom is also known for her humanitarian work—in his documentary style to create what he calls "a calendar of the soul." McCurry, in my opinion, just might be the finest photographer working today. To get a glimpse of the master at work, check out the 30-minute "making of" video courtesy of Pirelli. It’s a landmark calendar for many reasons, notable in more ways than ever in its 2013 iteration.


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