Photoshop’s “Blend If” Controls

Helen Bradley is my Photoshop guru. She’s got a knack for explaining complex features in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner. And such is the case with her exploration and explanation of the Photoshop feature known as "blend if." These sliders are found in the layer style palette, and they’re a tremendously useful way to blend content between layers without having to create complex and detailed selections. In the example Ms. Bradley shows, she uses the "blend if" sliders to replace a boring sky with one she deems more interesting. Most important, she maintains the fine detail in the foreground subject without having to make any sort of selection at all. It really is a powerful tool, and one that doesn’t get a lot of coverage. Take a look at Ms. Bradley’s DPS write-up and I’m sure you’ll want to add this technique to your repertoire too.

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