Photoshop To Go From "For Sale" To "For Rent"

Say goodbye to buying Photoshop. Adobe announced last week that going forward it will no longer sell its Creative Suite of software in a "perpetual license" model. From now on, the formerly optional subscription  service the company calls Creative Cloud will now be the only way the software—including Photoshop—will be available. The downside is for those who enjoy purchasing their software occasionally and not upgrading with every new version in order to keep costs down. The upside, of course, will be that as a subscriber your software will always be up to date, as new features and updates will happen bit by bit, rather than all at once in a single new software going on sale. And the pricing of cloud services can actually be a big cost-saver if you utilize several applications. When I first heard this news, I wondered about the eventual outcry. There’s been some from photographers, because Lightroom is as of now not included in the Creative Cloud options. There’s been speculation, and even some hint from Adobe, that this could change going forward in the future. Get the full scoop on options and pricing via Petapixel.

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