Photoshop Iris Blur Preview

I love the Photoshop Sneak Peeks that Adobe releases prior to every new version of the software. From Adobe’s perspective it’s a great way to drum up interest and excitement in a new product. But from a user’s perspective… well, it’s sorta the same thing: a great way to get excited for new features in the next version of Photoshop. John Paul Caponigro linked to this new sneak peek into Photoshop CS6, featuring a simple, powerful, and downright awesome-looking tool called Iris Blur. The idea is to make a tool that’s essentially a one-click way to recreate a shallow depth of field in any image. If you didn’t shoot at a wide aperture—a big iris—you can create the look easily by positioning a point in the center of an area you want to be sharp, and then dragging a circle to enlarge the area of focus or shrink it. It’s a pretty great looking tool that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

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