Photoshop CS6 Resources

Way back in the heat of summer, Scott Kelby posted a great list of resources for new users of—and those who are considering the purchase of—Adobe Photoshop CS6. I made a note of it, but never got around to sharing it. Until now. Since I’m (finally) entertaining my own purchase of the latest version of Adobe’s flagship photo editing program, I figured I’d share these links with you. There are ten links on Kelby’s Weekly Photo Tips blog post, and all of them offer a great introduction to PS CS 6—everything from tips and tricks to detailed explorations of new features and their benefits. Better still, Kelby links to a resource for purchasing the program for 75% off retail for any teachers or students in your home. And remember, if the purchase price is too high for your comfort level, you’ve always got the option of Adobe’s subscription-based Creative Cloud service that makes accessing all of its imaging software much more attainable with only a small monthly fee.

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