PhotoJoseph’s Favorite Camera Bag?

I’m a bag man. No, not the kind you see in mob movies. The kind who can’t resist another beautiful camera bag every time something exciting comes around! Fortunately, my friends at Think Tank help with this addiction and sent out the brand-new, about-to-be-released Retrospective 7 v2 for me to check out and compare to the original Retrospective 7 that I’ve been loving for the last year! It has added features and enhanced existing ones, making it a truly excellent choice as an everyday, carry-everywhere camera bag. If you want to move a camera, a few lenses, a small drone and an iPad around, this is a perfect choice. See all the new features and learn how you can win my original Retrospective 7 bag in this video!

In other videos this week, we looked at the amazing BenQ SW320 31.5” 4K monitor:

…explored a cheap LED ring light from Amazon:

…talked over (and after) the Apple Event keynote:

… and continued the education into ON1 Photo RAW with “Develop, part 2”:

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