Photographing The Aurora Borealis

A recent solar wind blew charged particles toward earth, and when those particles react with the atmosphere and magnetic fields near the north pole, the Aurora Borealis appears. This solar event had good timing, because photographer Andy Long had just emailed me about his new eBook, "Photographing the Aurora Borealis." I took a look and was instantly impressed. Unlike some eBooks that are just thin booklets of basic information, this one is in fact a detailed study of the northern lights and how to photograph them. Mr. Long clearly knows his stuff. He’s written 100+ pages of detailed and useful information including everything from a scientific explanation of how the northern lights are formed, to how best to find them and what to do with your camera when you do. Along with being a great resource for photographers interested in photographing the Aurora, it’s also a tremendous example of self publishing done right. Learn more and purchase his book direct from the author at

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