Photographing Shadow And Light

The photographer Joey L makes me angry. You see, he’s really good. Really, really good. And he’s just a kid. Yes, technically he’s 21, but when I first learned of his world-class globetrotting work he was only 17. Less than half my age, and more than twice as good! Yes, it’s petty jealousy. Joey L (short for Joey Lawrence but in no way the same guy as the 1980s child actor whose catch phrase was "whoa") is a ridiculously talented and successful photographer. By any measure, he’s enviable for 99% of photographers in the world. Bottom line, he’s just really, really good. And now he’s got a new book, Photographing Shadow and Light, as well as a LONG 43-minute documentary video online. And I think all of us, from Strobist’s David Hobby to any other kids out there who have just picked up their first camera, can benefit from spending a little time learning from Joey L.

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