Photographic Superbowl Commercial

Last week I should have mentioned how much I loved the Superbowl commercial about the farmers. It was for Ram trucks, and that makes sense but was almost immaterial—at least for me. I was highly aware as I was watching the commercial unfold (to the soundtrack of the incomparable Paul Harvey) that I was looking at some tremendous still photography. Some of it was lightly animated, but for the most part these stills were stills, served straight up. What I didn’t know, and do now, is that ten world-class photographers were contracted by an adman to study life on the farm. The result… well, it speaks for itself. If you weren’t fortunate enough to see it in real time, here’s a link, courtesy of A Photo Editor. Also included are links to the tremendous photographers featured, including William Allard, Kurt Markus and Matt Turley.

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