Photographers On Photography

I don’t just write this blog. Obviously I have a life and a family and I take pictures, but I mean I write more blogs than this one. I also write another blog about photography that, at the risk of sounding entirely too self serving, I thought you might be interested in as well. I call it Key Words: Photographers On Photography, and I’ve been updating it for about a year. It’s a little bit amorphous, with no set schedule or agenda, but it does have one constant principle that drives it: when I read something about photography and I find it so informative or inspiring that I just have to print it out and paste it on my wall, I also paste it on my digital wall—via the Key Words blog. I include things about creativity, technique, the photo business… anything that I find particularly informative or inspiring to help me with my photography. Feel free to check it out. I hope you will find it helpful with your own photography too.

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