Photographer Captures Cats and Dogs from Below in Adorable Photo Series

Photo of under-dog by andrius burba

Have you ever wondered what a cat or a dog looks like photographed from underneath? If you’re like us, probably not. But once you see the images from photographer Andrius Burba’s delightful “Underlook” series, you might want to look at these furry photos again and again.

Burba’s unique pet photography, which features cats and dogs captured in paw-fect poses while standing on a glass table, was recently showcased on My Modern Met. Based in Lithuania, Burba has two books out of his pet photo images: Under-Cats, which was the first and is available here in the German edition, and the follow-up, Under-Dogs, which you can buy here in the English version.

Burba has also photographed horses from underneath and has plans to capture even more exotic animals in the future.

Photo of underlook under-cat by andrius burba

“For the Under-dogs project I have designed a specially manufactured glass table in order to photograph bigger dogs,” Burba told Bored Panda. “After capturing Under-dogs, I decided to go full-time on the following projects of Underlook. In our future plans – Tigers.”

We wanted to learn more about how Burba captures his revealing and adorable photos of pets and found a great video on his YouTube channel showing the process, which we’ve embedded below.

As you’ll see, getting the animals to stay relatively still during this awkward but safe process is one of the biggest challenges. It takes a lot of pettings, treats and cues from the pets’ owners to get the creatures lined up properly so Burba can remotely trigger the camera and lights to capture an “Underlook” shot.


As My Modern Met points out, “Each creature playfully interacts with the glass surface while they unknowingly have their photo taken. Some look perplexed by the experience, while others (mostly cats) seem totally unfazed by the request to walk on glass.”

Each pet is captured on black background to help accentuate the fluffy details with the sharply focused paws making it seem like they’re floating in space or walking on ice. What really makes Burba’s “Underlook” photos stand out is the range of breeds he photographs. For dogs, there’s everything from Corgis to Pomeranians and Poodles. For the cats, the feline variety is equally diverse.

We’ve included a few Under-Dog and Under-Cat images in this story but you can see many more on Burba’s Instagram feed. If you want to take cute photos of your own cats in a less elaborate setting, check out this tutorial with five tips for better cat photography.

Photo of under-dog burba 3

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