Photo Based Reality TV

I may be a bit of a TV addict, but I’m also somewhat of a TV snob. I do not usually get caught up in celebrity-gone-wild style reality TV, but I may make an exception for a new Bravo show. Double Exposure follows the high-fashion photography duo of Markus Klinko and Indrani, formerly a romantic couple and currently the king and queen of the high-fashion photography world. Their talent is remarkable—but apparently so is their penchant for drama. In fairness, from the few clips I’ve seen, Indrani—the former model—seems to be fairly reasonable and, dare I say it, normal. Klinko, however, seems to be a walking caricature of a diva fashion photographer—the kind of man-child that reality show producers must dream about. Tune in for the drama or tune in for the comedy. Or you can just tune in because as a photographer it’s fascinating to get a behind the scenes glimpse of big budget fashion shoots. On one hand they work just like the rest of us. On the other, we couldn’t be working in more different worlds. For schedule and video clips look to the Bravo web site.

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