Permission To Chimp

Ever heard the word "chimping"? It’s the derogatory term for looking at your camera’s LCD screen after each exposure. I’m not sure why it’s called chimping. Maybe the idea is that even a monkey could take a good picture by looking at the screen after each exposure, and adjusting the camera settings accordingly. But that’s the brilliance of chimping as a valuable photographic tool: you can evaluate your settings and change them on the fly in order to improve your photographs. We’d be silly not to take advantage of this invaluable feedback while we shoot. So the next time some old fuddy-duddy makes fun of you for chimping, refer to this blog post by Rob Sheppard and point out to them that just like you use your speedometer to keep track of your driving prowess, so does the LCD screen on the back of your camera offer ideal information for tracking your photographic progress. And there’s nothing amateur about that.

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