Pentax’s Notable New 645Z Medium Format DSLR

The world of medium format digital cameras has been getting increasingly interesting lately. For years the only drawback of these amazing camera systems has been their whopping price—measured in the tens of thousands of dollars. Well now that’s changing thanks to Pentax and the announcement of the first medium format digital camera available for less than $10,000—the new 645Z. Pentax has brought not only a downright affordable first to the medium format range, the company has also brought the first video mode to a medium format camera. For $8,500 you can purchase a medium format Pentax 645Z to shoot 51-megapixel stills 1080P HD video from this medium format camera. Because it is built around a Sony CMOS sensor, the camera is capable of extremely high ISOs with extremely low noise—just like we’ve started getting used to in our full frame DSLRs. And like another popular DSLR (the Nikon D800e), the Pentax 645z is built without an anti-aliasing filter for increased sharpness. This camera is going to turn a lot of heads when it debuts this June. Read more at the web site of Pentax’s parent company, Ricoh.

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