Hands-On: Sigma 100-400mm Offers Pro-Quality Images At A Budget Price

A lens you'd mistake for costing twice that retails for $700
Shooting on a budget. It’s a tall order, but it isn’t impossible. Take the Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | C lens. Pair that with Sony’s Alpha series body and you have an instant solution for shooting distant subjects. Take the image below: Fast-moving subjects in low light captured in hand-held panning with a single object selected for the... Read more

DJI And POND5 Create Stock Drone Footage

The stock footage captured by licensed pilots using DJI drones will be available from the POND5 Marketplace
DJI and Pond5 recently announced a program to develop stock drone footage. And, they’re doing so with licensed pilots using DJI’s drones. Pond5 will organize the footage into collections and then denote the footage as Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate compliant in searches. Part 107 is the FAA rule about small unmanned aircraft systems... Read more

Lumix GH5 Versus GH5s Stabilization Test

The LUMIX GH5 has excellent IBIS (in body image stabilization) — so why did Panasonic remove it from the LUMIX GH5s? 
The Panasonic LUMIX GH5 was heralded for great in body image stabilization (also called IBIS), especially when combined with an OIS (optical image stabilization) lens. But when the GH5s was released—the low light variant of the GH5—IBIS was removed. Why? In this week’s video, we see a direct comparison of the two cameras in the type of environment... Read more

Taking Photos Of A Tuna Cutting With The Nikon D850

The D850 is what you should expect from a flagship camera and is arguably the best DSLR ever made
Have you ever attended a Japanese event and there’s so much going on? There’s a start and an end, with an expected outcome, but the rest seems like improv. That was the tuna cutting. And, it was super fun. If you ever get invited to one, definitely go. It was so fun that I was ready for the floor of the restaurant to open and drop us all into... Read more

12 Tips For Snow Photography

Shooting video or photos in the bright, white and cold snow isn't as straightforward as shooting in regular conditions — get your top tips here on how to make the best of it!
Is it snowing outside? That’s no excuse to stop taking pictures! The super bright conditions that a sunny, snowy day creates can wreak havoc on your camera’s light and white balance meter. The cold can crimp your batteries and the wet can damage your gear. It’s enough to make you want to stay inside! But with these 12 tips, you’ll be ready to... Read more

Enabling Creativity Through Dance, Food And Cityscape

A new brand campaign showcases the dedication and inspiration behind professional photographers who utilize Capture One in their work
In the video below Dayron Vera, a former ballet dancer describes taking up photography following his career as a dancer as a way to stay connected to the art of dance, and how his passion and dedication enables his creativity as a photographer. The story is from a Capture One series of videos designed to give voice to three individual photographers... Read more

Hands-On at the Dunes with Sony a7 III, the Basic Model

Sony believes photographers should expect more from a prosumer model
Sony calls the just-launched a7 III the “basic model” because it’s priced at the entry level of the Alpha Series. Sony believes photographers should expect more from a prosumer model, and the term refers to what they should expect from a $2,000 camera. Having shot with an a7 III and a variety of lens for three days, I think you should expect more... Read more

Add Another Dimension to Your Portraits With The Lensbaby Velvet Lens

PhotoJoseph demonstrates how the Lensbaby Velvet Lens makes creamy, soft portraits using a LUMIX, Olympus, Nikon, Canon, or Pentax camera
As a portrait photographer, every edge you can grab helps you to stand out from the competition. In this video, see how the Lensbaby Velvet lens can add a delicious dreamy look to your portraits! We brought in Genevieve, a gorgeous model for this Valentine’s Day special to see exactly how the lens works in realtime! In other videos, learn how... Read more

Leica Q In The Snow

We shot with the Leica Q in the snow, and now the company has made a snow addition of their camera. Winter Olympus is coming.
I just shot with a Leica in the snow, during Sundance in Park City where the 2002 Winter Olympics were hosted. To this day the high jump, sliding center, and slopes are still in use—statues celebrating the games dot the streets too. While the movie business is far different from the games both are fashion-forward and the Leica suited my style of shooting.... Read more

Canon Pro Peter Read Miller Offers Tips On Capturing The Big Day

How to prep and pack for a sporting event
With this weekend’s copyrighted, trademarked, firecely-legally-protected-and thus difficult-to-mention football game on its way, Canon Explorer of Light Peter Read Miller offers some tips for capturing sports. Obviously, the first thing to keep in mind when shooting sports is that you’ll actually have to get to the game, and most photographers... Read more