Adobe Brings Full Photoshop To iPad And Announces Other Creative Cloud Updates

Adobe unveiled a slew of updates to many Creative Cloud apps and launched several new digital-imaging, video and multimedia apps
Adobe Brings Full Photoshop To iPad And Announces Other Creative Cloud Updates
Earlier today, Adobe unveiled a slew of updates to many Creative Cloud apps and launched several new digital-imaging, video and multimedia apps, as well. The new updates and releases coincide with Adobe MAX, the company’s annual event taking place in Los Angeles this week. Here are two that will be of particular interest to photographers, filmmakers... Read more

Self-Assigned Challenge: Miramar Air Show

The Marine Corps Air Station Miramar was the perfect proving ground for the Sony A9
For a self-assigned challenge, I decided to shoot a subject matter I haven’t ever captured, the near-supersonic jets at a military air show. When Sony asked if I wanted to join them for a shoot at the Miramar Air Show in San Diego, I wasn’t sure how it would go. The ideal shot goes by in a millisecond of roaring engines, and since I’ve never shot... Read more

Photokina: Year Of The Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

Photokina offered many surprises for photographers, filmmakers, industry analysts and others from the world of digital imaging
Photokina is the mammoth international photo and camera trade show that takes place every two years in Cologne, Germany. It started this past Wednesday and will be wrapping up tomorrow. While such trade shows can serve as key venues to unveil new gear, this year the camera manufacturers took things into their own hands: Nikon and Canon announced in... Read more

PhotoJoseph’s Favorite Camera Bag?

Think Tank Photo has always made some of my favorite camera bags, and the new Retrospective 7 v2 is a fantastic update to my everyday carrier
I’m a bag man. No, not the kind you see in mob movies. The kind who can’t resist another beautiful camera bag every time something exciting comes around! Fortunately, my friends at Think Tank help with this addiction and sent out the brand-new, about-to-be-released Retrospective 7 v2 for me to check out and compare to the original Retrospective... Read more

Sony’s 24mm F1.4 G Master Prime And A New Deal

The 24mm F1.4 GM is the 30th lens in their lineup
As the USS Potomac steamed across the bay into the golden hour and under the Golden Gate Bridge, I considered the technical aspects of Sony’s latest G Master lens. That’s because to truly benefit from the mirrorless technological leap, a lens must be constructed to operate in a much faster manner, like with electromagnets moving on a rail. Compact... Read more

Mission Workshop: The Integer

Another highly functional camera bag iteration from Mission
Not content to design and make just one of the most functional, weekender camera backpack I’ve used, Mission Workshop iterated the Rhake into the Integer. The main difference between the two is the Rhake uses an insert for camera gear and the space inside the Integer is dedicated with adjustable compartments and a quick-access side panel to grab... Read more

Oh, A Storm is Threat’ning

Capturing the power and awe of storms by using time-lapse photography
In the late 1960s, the Rolling Stones sang, “Oh, A Storm is Threat’ning / My very life today” to begin the iconic song, “Gimmie Shelter.” However, today the lines feel quite timely if you’re in the U.S., and particularly on the East Coast. Our thoughts are most definitely with those in North and South Carolina, as they deal with what’s... Read more

The Basics Of Infrared Photography

Infrared photography can be done cheaply using filters (but force very long exposures) or with a converted sensor for more flexibility
Have you ever played with a camera converted for infrared photography? It’s a lot of fun and can create some totally unique images. In this week’s featured video, we explore the basics using a very old converted Canon 10D. Getting white balance right is totally non-intuitive, and to get the most from your images you have to do some Photoshop... Read more

Crop Factor: Understanding Sensor Size vs. Focal Length Relationship

Most of us understand that the focal length (mm) of a lens changes as we switch from full-frame to APSC to micro four thirds sensors, but do we truly understand why?
Every lens has a measurement in millimeters (mm), and most of us have an association with what that means. 50mm is a “standard” lens, and a 24mm is a wide angle, and a 200mm is a telephoto. This relation between a number and the terminology we use is so ingrained, so standardized, that when putting a lens like a 25mm on a camera like a micro... Read more

The Guardian’s Teacher Takeover Project

A series of photo essays about the crisis in America's classrooms
Today, the Guardian US launched a three-day guest-edited series called Teacher Takeover. The series highlights the crisis in America’s classrooms and the activism of teachers. Addressing low teacher pay and underfunded schools, the teacher’s perspective is shared and based on their protest movement. As part of the project, The Guardian features... Read more