Terrible Weather? Grab Your Phone!

Shooting with your phone's camera doesn’t absolve you from trying to find a great shot
The gale-force winds that swept through the area were some of the strongest I’ve ever experienced. I saw full-grown people being blown around like twigs. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to return to Norway’s Lofoten Islands in late February. If my previous experiences were any sort of baseline, I knew to expect extreme cold, lots of snow... Read more

LUMIX S1R Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Details And Sample Movie!

I got my hands on a LUMIX S1R pre-production camera for a limited time, but long enough to show you every button and menu option — and shoot a very short film with it
There’s a ton of excitement around the soon to be released LUMIX S1 and S1R full-frame mirrorless cameras from Panasonic. As a LUMIX Ambassador, I was able to get my hands on an S1R and 50mm f/1.4 lens long enough to show you every button and menu option the camera has to offer!   I’ve also shot a short film and even did a LUMIX G vs. LUMIX... Read more

Anatomy Of A Photo: Minimalist Compositions

I often find myself gravitating towards such minimalist compositions when looking for balance
Sony a7 III | Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM 30 sec. at f/9.0; ISO 100 February 13, 2019 Piran, Slovenia What initially drew me to this scene was the sweeping line created by the stone platform in the foreground and how it draws the eye through the frame. However, it was the combination of the lone fisherman and the amount of negative space created by the... Read more

Look For All The Angles

Always look for all the angles as you define your composition
A while ago, I created an Album in Adobe Lightroom CC called “Ready to Share.” The purpose of this album is pretty obvious, right? Any time I finish editing a photo and feel that it’s ready for social media, I add it to this album. It’s what I did when I used to use Lightroom Classic and I follow the same process with Lightroom CC. This collection... Read more

Three Reasons To Use Adobe Photoshop Instead Of Lightroom

If you feel like you've reached a plateau when editing your photos with Lightroom, it may be time to switch to Photoshop
A sunrise over the Grand Canyon is just about the best damn way I can think of starting a day of shooting.
The theme of introspection is a very important one as I get older and continue gaining experience about what I find aesthetically pleasing. For such a large part of my life as a photographer, I edited all of my photos in Adobe Lightroom. On rare occasions when I couldn’t accomplish what I envisioned creatively, I’d send the photo to a 3rd party... Read more

Shooting With A Computational Shutter, The Spectre App

The makers of Halide release an iPhone app for long exposures generated by AI
“There’s a ghost,” the waitress told me. That’s fitting because I was taking ghostly-like long exposures at a favorite Seattle haunt, the Alibi Room. The dive is under Pike Place Market, a crooked stairway down from where the guys throw fish and with an entrance across from the gum wall. I didn’t meet Frank, the actual... Read more

Anatomy Of A Photo: Infrared

The next time you plan on upgrading your camera, consider keeping your older one and converting it to infrared
Anatomy Of A Photo: Infrared
Sony a7 (IR Conversion) | Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS 1/50 sec. at f/4; ISO 100 October 22, 2016 Silver Falls State Park, Oregon If you’re like me, you often sell your existing camera to help fund a new upgrade. However, the next time you plan on upgrading, think about keeping your older camera if you can and consider converting it to infrared. Rather... Read more

Why You Should Consider A Photo Critique

One of the most helpful and impactful investments I’ve ever made to help myself grow as a photographer was to have my portfolio critiqued professionally
One of the most helpful and impactful investments I’ve ever made to help myself grow as a photographer was to have my portfolio critiqued professionally. In fact, I’ve done so multiple times and it was through these critiques that I got the sort of candid feedback that truly helped me break through to new heights as a photographer. A productive... Read more

An iPad Pro 11-Inch Photography Workflow

If you're willing to compromise, the new iPad Pro 11-inch is compelling for photographers who put a premium on traveling light
Earlier this month, I wrote about how photographers are able to carry more power and capacity with far less weight than ever before. That article was about how traveling with the new MacBook Air and mirrorless cameras isn’t a compromise. If you’re willing to compromise (a bit), the new iPad Pro 11 is compelling for photographers like me... Read more

Google Wants Your Phone’s Camera To See At Night

The future is bright with Google's Night Sight
Colby’s photo taken with the Google Pixel 3 XL – No editing. Photo Credit: Colby Brown – Used with Permission. Every October, I make the traditional pilgrimage to my hometown of New York City to visit my family and to attend the PDN PhotoPlus Expo. In addition to catching up with industry friends and contacts, going to “PPE” also... Read more

Anatomy Of A Photo: Experimentation

Shooting the same scene can get tedious, so try experimenting for a fresh perspective
Anatomy of a photo: Experimentation
Sony a7R II | Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS 1/8 sec. at f/20; ISO 100 October 26, 2016 Oregon Imagine being surrounded by hundreds of yards of neatly arranged poplar trees at the peak of the fall color season. Sounds great, right? Now, imagine yourself there after three hours. Things could get tedious at that point, right? When that happens, instead of... Read more

Traveling Light With Mirrorless Cameras

Photographers are able to carry more power and capacity with far less weight than ever before
Traveling Light With Mirrorless Cameras
MacBook Air with a Sony a9 and rugged SSD. Ever since mirrorless cameras arrived on the market, I’ve been obsessed with traveling light. Now the new MacBook Air, peripherals like a tiny SSD, and featherweight prime lenses have finally caught up with the mirrorless promise. Photographers are able to carry more power and capacity with far less weight... Read more