Own Your Own McCurry

I’ve been fortunate in my career to interview some of the greatest photographers around. None of them have been greater, or more influential, or have had such an impact on me personally, than Magnum photographer Steve McCurry. Perhaps best known for his iconic "Afghan Girl" National Geographic cover, McCurry has a tremendous portfolio of images—many of them portraits—from three decades traveling the world. He’s a true photographic icon, and if like me you are a huge admirer of his work you may want to look into the new Iconic Photographs limited edition book from publisher Phaidon. Complete with a limited edition photographic print, the book is signed and numbered (up to 3,300) by Mr. McCurry himself. At just under $400 it’s an option for collecting his work that is within reach of those who aren’t the typical millionaire art collector. And a great way to own a collection of fabulous documentary and portrait photographs from one of the world’s best photographers.


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