Outdoor Photographer American Landscape 2017 Photo Contest

Outdoor Photographer American Landscape Photo Contest

“Maroon Bells and Maroon Lake” Photo by Bill Tuttle, winner of the 2016 Outdoor Photographer American Landscape Photo Contest

Outdoor Photographer’s American Landscape 2017 Photo Contest is open for submissions. Now in its sixth year, our sister publication’s premier annual competition celebrates the beauty of our country’s wild places. Submit your best landscape photographs for a chance to have your work showcased in OP and win other exciting prizes, including a $2,000 cash prize.

Last year’s First Place winner was Bill Tuttle. Of his image “Maroon Bells and Maroon Lake,” he writes, “I arrived at Maroon Lake well before sunrise and selected a location at the lake’s shore. The skies were disappointingly cloudy as sunrise came and passed without any good light. After a couple hours of waiting, I began looking around for other possible subjects and found one opposite the Bells, so I changed lenses and was composing the image when I sensed something was happening behind me.

“Turning toward the Bells, I saw an oval break in the clouds with the peaks poking through and a beam of sunlight striking the western slopes and moving downward towards the lake. Immediately, I turned the camera around, changed the lens and refocused on the Bells and their reflection in the lake. The shaft of light had now passed to the foreground aspen below the peaks. I quickly took a reading and made the shot just as sunlight highlighted the aspen directly beneath the Bells. This amazing moment gained double intensity by being reflected in the dark waters of Maroon Lake.”

To capture the image, Tuttle used a Deardorff 4×5 Special view camera, Nikkor-W 135mm f/5.6 lens, Fujichrome Velvia, a Zone VI tripod and a B+W polarizer.

This year’s American Landscape Photo Contest sponsors are Tamron, Bay Photo and Yuneec.

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