Old Egypt In Color

Regular readers know of my fetish for antique images of exotic locales that have been photographed in color well ahead of the time when color images were commonplace. Well here’s a pair of great galleries I’ve added to my must-see list. First is a group of photographs of Egypt from the early 1900s at the Brain Pickings blog. They’re lantern slides—like glass transparencies—that were used in "magic lantern" viewers. Images from Egypt generally spark our western interests on their own, so this gallery of 100-year-old color photos is nothing short of mesmerizing. The second gallery is filled with images from a locale that isn’t quite so exotic: the good ol’ US of A. But the images are from the wild west in the 1920s and 30s, so they aren’t your everyday fare. And as color photos, they’re remarkably rare. Fascinating for photographers and historians alike, whether you just appreciate the oddity of seeing old worlds in color, or whether you just appreciate a glimpse into the past that isn’t quite as abstract as black & white.


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