OK Go's Creative New Optical Illusion Video

Why would I spend today’s blog post writing about a music video? Because it’s an amazing feat of cinematic visual bliss, courtesy of the band known for crazy creative music videos, OK Go. This might be my favorite of the many great OK Go videos, because it’s the one that is the most specific to photography. It uses optical illusions—namely, anamorphic projection—to make strangely distorted shapes, both painted and three dimensional, come together to form a trick of the eye. It all relies on the single point of view of a camera lens to work. The bottom line is, from the right camera position things are not always as they seem. The video is a neat one-take visual feast, and perhaps the most fun part is the little behind-the-scenes glimpse we get at the very end of the video, where the massive crew that pulled off such a creative work of visual art is revealed. Make no mistake, that’s exactly what this music video is: a real work of visual art. Check it out at the Colossal blog.


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