No-flicker DIY Fluorescent Studio Lighting

I’m a bit of a sucker for studio lighting hacks, so this article by Joe Edelman on the DIY photography blog is perfect for me. You see, Joe created a video series demonstrating how he lights with fluorescent light fixtures, which spurred him to create this article and video about how to make your own flicker-free sources. You see, this solves two problems. One, store-bought fluorescent light fixtures are great for producing beautiful light, but they’re very expensive. And two, homemade fluorescent fixtures have for years produced a flickering light. But new advances in the types of low-energy, high-output flicker-free fluorescent bulbs means you can now build your own bright beautiful soft light sources for a fraction of the cost of the name brands. And because they’re flicker free, you can use them for shooting video as well.

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