New Work From An Old-School Master

Even laymen know a few iconic photographers by name—like Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Minor White. But there are also photographic pioneers who are just as important, though not nearly as known outside of the photo world. Perhaps no name is more unknown given how important he was in the world of landscape photography than that of Philip Hyde. Cited frequently as an inspiration to today’s landscape gurus, Hyde made his name as a pioneer in color photography while other icons were still working in black & white. Today, Hyde’s son David carries on his father’s legacy—most notably by publishing the Landscape Photography blog. While Hyde was known primarily for his color work, he also worked in black & white, and in a recent post David has brought to light more work from his father’s black & white catalog. Check it out at the Landscape Photography Blogger, and consider purchasing an authorized print—in color or black & white—from this photographic icon.

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