New Mac Pro for A New Era

I’m in the midst of pondering an upgrade to my aging Mac Pro desktop computer. It was my understanding that Apple would be ending support for the Mac Pro and moving users to a more iMac-centric experience, but last week’s announcement of the new, R2D2-meets-Darth-Vader Mac Pro set me straight. It’s an interesting machine in a really odd form factor, but it’s got some specs that are especially intriguing—namely, dual GPUs that offer up to 7 teraflops of processing power. Teraflops are bigger than gigahertz, and that’s about where my understanding ends, but the point is it’s fast—built for serious photo and video processing. So now instead of upgrading my aging Mac Pro, maybe I’ll wait for this new model to hit store shelves later this year. It’s made to meet the demands of video, especially, and I think that means it would be especially useful in a traditional photographic workflow as well—even if you do have to buy an external Superdrive to burn DVDs. You can’t have everything, I guess. Check the specs and see some pictures of this crazy looking thing at

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