New Lightroom 3 is out now.

New Lightroom 3 is out now, and I got it on day 1. Actually, I made the switch to Lightroom about six months back when I upgraded to a new desktop machine. The idea of allowing users to beta test prelease versions of software like this must be a brilliant one, because the morning last week when I walked in to my office to find a message from Adobe about version 3 being ready for download, I happily plunked down my $299 and instantly sealed the deal. It’s a win-win for everybody: users like me get to test the software extensively before buying, and makers like Adobe get to hook us in to worthy programs ensuring that we’ll happily pay as soon as possible.

Which brings me to the only thing I’ve had a complaint about since my first experience with Lightroom, and that’s one tiny little preset. Or, more precisely, the lack of one.

You see, part of the workflow with Lightroom—or any browsing/organizing software, for that matter—is rating, ranking and rejecting individual images. Some images may be great, and so they’re rated with four or five stars. Others may be awful, so they’re flagged as rejects. Well in Lightroom, unlike other image management programs I’ve spent time with in the past, there’s no default preset for automatically hiding those rejected images. That means that every time I click on a new job (or a new catalog, or any new folder of images inside Lightroom), the program shows me every image in the bunch—including those rejects.

This is fine, except that 99% of the time once I’ve rejected an image I don’t want to see it any more. I want to be able to see it, but I don’t want to see it by default. If only Adobe had programmed in a “hide rejects” preset that I could set as the default, I don’t know that I’d have any other complaints about the program.

Which now brings me to this question: What bugs you about Lightroom, or Photoshop, or any other image editing and management program you might use? What features are absolute must-haves, and which ones are you dying to get hold of?

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