New Dynalite Strobes

I use Dynalite strobes in my location lighting package, and I generally love them. I replaced a set of older-than-me Speedotrons (which I still use in-studio) because they also weighed more than me and that made traveling with strobes quite tricky. But the Dynalites, as anyone who’s ever shot with them knows, are tiny. I’m talking like six pounds for a 1000ws pack smaller than a breadbox. I can get four heads and two packs in a single bag that’s not much bigger than a carry-on. So you can imagine my excitement when I read this report from Rob Galbraith about a new lineup of strobe packs from Dynalite. They’ve increased the top end from 1000 watt seconds to 1600ws, and shrunk the 500ws and 1000ws models, the previous standards, to 400ws and 800ws respectively. Apparently Dynalite has made them more reliable with faster flash durations, quicker recycling and an even smaller form factor than before. Guess I’ll have to add them to my ever-growing wishlist.

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